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GroundHQ is harnessing a new direction in strategic environmental advisory services for the agricultural, food and fibre sector. Our approach is underpinned by our unique set of skills which bring together expertise in agriculture, science, regulation & policy and ag technology to foster environmental excellence.

GroundHQ distinguishes itself from its sister company Landpro ( by focusing on solving the challenges that agriculture faces at a regional and national level, by facilitating change, partnering in strategic agri-environmental projects and undertaking research and development which will ultimately lead to a more sustainable agriculture, food and fibre sector.

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Strategic Ag & Environmental Planning

GroundHQ provides environmental advice to the agriculture, food and fibre sector. Our clients include rural service providers, regional government and central government agencies.

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Environmental Policy & Regulatory Advice

GroundHQ have a unique set of skills across a range of disciplines including environmental science, policy and regulation and geo-spatial science drives our passion for applying technology to solving some of the environmental challenges that agriculture faces to foster environmental excellence.

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Research & Development Opportunities

Our ability to understand environmental challenges gives us a unique perspective on practical solutions. We are always looking to foster innovation and partner with others to help solve some of the environmental challenges that the agriculture, food and fibre sector faces.

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Agricultural Technology

We are looking to foster innovation and partner with others to help solve some of the environmental challenges that the agriculture, food and fibre sector faces.

A ground-up approach to environmental and agricultural management

GroundHQ was created by the founders of Landpro to provide a unique offering specific to the Agriculture, Food and Fibre Sector that would focus on providing practical solutions for environmental management. Our team of trusted advisors offer a broad range of expertise across all aspects of policy and regulation, strategic planning and agricultural technology.

Supporting our clients in making the right decisions to achieve environmental excellence

GroundHQ is committed to solving the environmental challenges agriculture faces through the application of robust science along side practical, results driven policy and regulation. We also provide the support and advice our clients need to make sound decisions as they strive to achieve environmental excellence.

Strategic environmental advice and direction to support your environmental performance

Our clients include rural service providers i.e. real estate agents, banks, other consultants, large scale family farming and corporate farming businesses, regional government and central government agencies. Our work in this space is project and client specific, but includes;

  • Environmental Strategic Positioning – understanding environmental opportunities and risks and creating strategic plans to address these issues.
  • Environmental Excellence – we provide direction and guidance on preparing for and implementing change to achieve environmental excellence at a business or farm scale.
  • Environmental Risk Assessment & Audits – Farm or business scale assessment of environmental risk and consent compliance auditing.

The experts in Environmental Policy & Regulatory Advice that will help you meet your legislative responsibilities

Our experience in the policy and regulatory space combined with our knowledge of the agriculture, food and fibre sectors enables us to support our clients in providing:

  • Planning & Regulatory Advice relating to current or proposed projects
  • Environmental Planning & Regulatory Due Diligence i.e. environmental and consenting due diligence assessments as part of sale and purchase process
  • Policy analysis and submissions – advice relating to the proposed regulatory changes, i.e. Regional Plan Changes, Water Quality Regulations and support to prepare and submit submissions.
  • Policy development – advice for regional and central government on the development of environmental policy and regulation. A practical solutions based approach.
  • Community engagement – Expertise in facilitating engagement especially between ag, food and fibre sector and regional and central government agencies.
  • We translate the technical in a non-technical way.

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